Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 Longboard Review

Style and substance come in a piece of beauty that is the Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 Longboard...

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Style and substance come in a piece of beauty that is the Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 Longboard. Suited for both carving and freestyle riding, the 40 inches longboard is bamboo enforced with six layers of eco sustainable maple wood. The drop through design lends the board great access to trying out carving tricks through bends and different terrains.

Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 Longboard Features

The layer of bamboo adds not just to the looks of the board but also gives it a very lightweight feature that makes sliding and carving a delight to try out on this longboard.

Construction of the Longboard

Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 LongboardThe Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 Longboard is constructed from flexible and sturdy maple wood and topped with a layer of high quality bamboo to bring a lightweight and unique component to the longboard.

The symmetrical structure of the board provides ample support to anyone thinking of using this board for sliding or shredding. The bamboo top sheet is further topped with clear glass grip that gives the board a great appeal also it can withstand rough riding sessions. The deck has radial, flex and camber concave for long distance pushing.


The dimensions on the board are 40 inches in length and the 8.75 inches in width, makes the board a stable ride. The wheelbase is 30.5 inches leading to comfortable turning. The wheels are from the house of Arbor and of type 72 mm 78a durometer free ride providing great riding range.

On board is the ABEC 5 bearing that promises stability. The trucks are 10 inch reverse drop through types allowing great turn radius to be a possibility. Gull wing 10” Charger 1 trucks are fitted on board too.

Deck Style and Construction

Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 LongboardThe deck style is of drop through nature, and Arbor features a seven ply maple wood and bamboo construction. Its twin shaped, concaved deck surface makes for a great riding experience. The deck type is flexible, and water based finish on top gives off a great vibe.

Not only is it one material that will surely draw the attention of the people, but at the same time you can stay assured of the fact that the quality of the longboard is sure to make you feel happier. This further ensures that every bit of money spent on the longboard is worth it.

Trucks and Wheels

The Gull wing 10 inch trucks offer optimum and excellent support. The wheels for the longboard come in different colors so the board offers variety to a buyer that has an eye for art and looks. The well-crafted board has wheel cut outs that help eliminate wheel bites.

At the same time the wheels also help to maintain the right traction and friction on multiple assets so that the rider is able to get a taste of a comfortable ride throughout. On a simpler note these wheels and trucks make the cruising a pleasant one for everybody.

Recyclable Plastic Fiber and Eco-friendly Material

Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 Longboard is fitted with recycled plastic fiber risers that are both eco-conscious and allows Arbor to be socially contributing by reducing pollution. All the skateboards are sealed with a water based product that works as a sanding sealer, and reduces the dust spread created by board sliding on surfaces.

It is high time for the people to resort to a more eco-friendly asset which will help them contribute to nature in a more active manner. You can be indeed proud to have possessed this board since you have openly contributed to the well-being of nature.

A Contribution to its Visual Appeal

Also the main focus of this series of longboards is that they feature designs by the famous artist Nanami Cowdroy which makes these boards unique pieces of art.

Also it has been exclusively made in USA. An eye-catching design accompanied with cool looks and a brilliant color combination, this board seems to fit in perfectly with the visual demands of the present youth and modern skateboarders. Get this longboard and make a style statement to the entire world.

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  • It is suitable for carving and cruising.
  • Symmetrical wheel drops reduce chances of wheel bites.
  • Made of eco-sustained bamboo and high quality maple wood.
  • Grip is made of reflective glass that gives a great look.
  • The construction of the board makes it great for slides and downhill rides.


  • The bearings are of ABEC 5 type that could use a little improvement.
  • The grip can sometimes degrade away early.
  • Not suitable for sideways riding.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is the board lightweight?

A: At 10 pounds, it is one of the lightest boards out there for carving and cruising.

Q: Where is it made?

A: Arbor Axis longboards are completely constructed in the USA.

Q: What is the special function of the bamboo top?

A: Bamboo top makes the board extra lightweight and adds a special appeal to the board.

Q: What are the wheel specifications?

A: Arbor Axis longboards feature 72 mm 78A durable wheels that offer great stability.

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Final Verdict

The Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 Longboard is not just a great looking sturdy board but it’s also a well-designed longboard, tailor made for handling long sliding and carving sessions. The board has been designed to outlast sessions of carving and sliding.

From crushed glass grip top to world famous designer done graphics, the Arbor Axis makes an impression on any rider interested in high performance low riding longboards.

Having taken into consideration the price tag that comes along with this product, it would be fair to say that the entire ordeal fits in perfectly with the longboard making it a value for money buy as well.

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