Atom Drop Deck Longboard Review

The Cruz is smooth and makes skating on a fresh road feel like skating on air.

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Atom Drop Deck Long board is the latest addition to the Drop Deck family. This new board fully interweaves the long boarding philosophy of ‘drop it low and feel the flow’ in its design. The long board gives you maximum stability with its down to earth design. The high levels of stability makes it suitable for downhilling.

It is also perfect for long-distance due to its easy to push factor. This 41 inch long board makes learning the sport easy and enjoyable. The Cruz is smooth and makes skating on a fresh road feel like skating on air. In this article, I am going to give you unbiased Atom Drop Deck Long board review.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard Features

The board boasts the newest skating technology to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable skate boarding experience for both novice and experienced skaters.

Ultra-low riding long board

Atom Drop Deck Longboard ReviewThis Drop Deck Longboard is designed to be very low. The designers took the phrase down to earth a notch higher when designing this board.

This ultra-low design makes this board best suited for downhill carving due to the maximized stability arising from the low center of gravity.

Urethane wheels

The urethane wheel fitted on the Atom Drop Deck Long Board makes it easy to push. This is an important feature since it reduces the wear and tear associated with around town commutes. It also gives it more speed and smoother skating.

Unique Perimeter shape

The unique parameter shape arising from the wide lip 70 by 51 millimeter super high rebound gives this long board a 9.6 leverage in each turn and at the same time eliminating the chances of wheel bites.

This makes the long board safer and more durable. For beginner, it is advisable you teach your self how to skate first using this long board before getting an advanced one.

Full Maple laminate deck

Atom Drop Deck Longboard ReviewThis full maple laminate deck finish gives the 41’drop deck a polished and beautiful look. Everybody likes being associated with the beautiful things in life and this long board is definitely one of them.

It also makes the board stronger, more flexible and durable. The graffiti on the finish gives the skateboard a sleek street themed look.

Rkp (Revers king pin ) Long board trucks

These are one of the best long board trucks in the market today. They give the Atom Drop Deck long board its easy to push feature and also makes the movement smooth. This makes this long board suitable for both novice and pro users.

It also gives the board the ability to move smoothly across all surfaces irregardless of the texture, material or even the make. With this long board, you will be at home taking around the city laps, or even in the playground of the nearest high school. This makes the long board a constant companion.


This Atom board comes with a one year manufacturer warranty against Workmanship and material defect. In case the board breaks down before the warranty period is over you can take it back k to the manufacturer for repair or exchange.

This warranty is available irregardless of where you purchase your long board.

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  • The board is stable
  • The board is flexible durable and sleek.
  • The board is safe.
  • Affordable


  • Traditional design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is this a good board for beginners? I want to start long boarding but I am afraid of falling down.

A: This board is very good for beginners. It is stable and easy to push.

Q: What makes this long board stand out from the rest?

A: The ultra-low design and the sleek compact and customized design is what makes this long board stand out from the rest.

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Final Verdict

This is one of the best long boards in the market today. It offers you a stable ride and a very enjoyable sporting experience. The shape and griptape assures the rider of maximum comfortability . The bearing and the truck gives the rider manuverbility. This board is suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

Though its one of the best boards in the market today,its cheap and light to carry about. As an experienced long border, I recommend this long board to all the beginners out there. This is the best board to learn and enjoy the art of long boarding.

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