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Atom is a line of boards produced by the MBS. Based in Colorado Springs, founded in1993, MBS is the mountain boarding company that has developed very innovative, and high performing products. The company has dedication to ensure advancement of mountain boarding and riding technology.

It has also expanded its line of products to longboards, carve boards, and the skateboards. The Atom Drop through Longboard is a maple laminate longboard proportioned to offer a stable ride downhill, long distance riding, or just kicking around town.

Atom Drop Through Longboard Features

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Seven Times Wood Layered Deck

Atom Drop Through LongboardThe deck is made from unknown wood layered seven times. The deck offers large amount of flex, and strength for riding. They come in black, white and candy red stripes to give a flashy look during cruising.

Churchillm boards are the only boards that are better than the atom longboards for the price. The boards are of super quality at cheap prices, they are slightly convex from truck to truck, and this allows for flex of the board, pushing it is a breeze giving it a comfortable ride.

The board is wider at the back than at the front. Riding on the board does not result in any kicks and allows for ride switching.

Soft and Grippy Wheels

The wheels are soft and grippy, with a durometer of 78a, making it comfortable to ride with no fear of sliding. The rounded lips on the wheels also make it easier for a rider to break into slides, the slides normally come naturally or done with any wheel.

The thane and the flat lip on the wheel is meant for gripping. The wheels are just fine and beginners will find it comfortable using them

ABEC 5Bearings

Atom Drop Through LongboardThe board comes with ABEC 5 bearings. The bearing best suits the inexperienced, for example children whom are beginners riding in a hill outside the house. The ABEC5 bearings will just do fine. They are to some extent slow as compared to the Bones Reds, which are faster and better.

Stable Trucks

The reverse kingpin trucks with 245 mm axles. They are wonderful when it comes to cruising the hills,it ensures great maneuverability, and stability.

It contains double barrel bushings of some durometer, the double barrel setup makes it very stable giving the board the best return to the center after a turn or a curve. The trucks are made in such a way that one truck is slightly bent than the other. The trucks are cheap.

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  • The atom boards are much faster compared to the other type of boards such as the budget boards, they gain speed easily and require less efforts.
  • Atom boards give as smooth ride. It has a low center of gravity this gives the board lots of stability necessary for cruising.
  • The Atom Drop through Longboard are great when it comes to cruising the hills, they ensure great maneuverability and stability.
  • The board can make easy sharp turns and dance around an obstacle without straining the rider much.
  • The atom boards are rather affordable obtained even within a limited budget constraint.
  • Perimeter shape eliminated wheel bite provides a strong ride that reduces the cost of cost of maintenance of the board
  • The 41-inch size does not only add to the stability of the board, but it also provides comfort to the rider regardless of the size of the rider.
  • The middle section has a secure grip on the board that makes it easy to initiate and control sides.
  • The board is so close to the ground this, this makes the design very ideal for long distances.


  • The stiff truck that supports the deck and the rider makes it difficult to make sharp turns.
  • The lower design means increase in the bottoming out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does atom longboard come assemble or there is need to buy some other tools?

A: It comes completely assembled.

Q:Is it worth buying for beginners?

A: It is definitely a great first board.

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Final Verdict

The Atom Drop through Longboard is very popular and among the best-selling list. Its board offers speed, stability, comfort, durable and affordable. This is just but a great beginner’s board. It is the perfect board for cruising.

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