Atom Pintail Longboard Review

The Atom Pintail Longboard is a perfect starting point longboard...

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Are you an aspiring skateboarder and probably wondering on how to begin? The Atom Pintail Longboard is a perfect starting point of longboard from Atom, which is a trustworthy name among the manufacturers of longboards. If you are a beginner in longboarding, it is the right option to start with.

Even if you are an experienced skateboarder, you will surely love the ability and the balance provided by this magnificent board. Even though there are many longboards, but the one which is currently loved by almost everybody in the market is Atom Pintail Longboard.

Atom Pintail Longboard Features

In this article, you will be provided with Atom Pintail Longboard Review to show you why it has become a darling of many people.

Strong and Sturdy

Atom Pintail LongboardIt is 39 inches long and its width is 9.6 inches. This is a feature that makes the board extremely sturdy. Its length promises that it will be able to keep its stability even when traveling at higher speeds.

Its width of 9.6 inches shows that there is more than required foot room on its deck to enable the rider to feel comfortable and be in a position to perform a wide range of tricks.

Maple Laminate Deck

The maple laminate deck provides an extremely smooth finish. It gives riders springiness and long lasting services.Its upper deck is fully covered with grip tape, that will enable you go a long way since your feet are able to stick to the board during both cold and wet weather.

Shiny Design

Atom Pintail LongboardOne thing that will instantly draw attention of anybody towards the Atom Pintail is its magnificent design. The design is simple but very elegant.

It has got a very shiny board and it will most likely fit well around the beach. It is made with very bright colors and to be precise, it has got a prominent orange and yellow finish.

Perfect for Beginners

This board is highly preferred for most beginners and immediate riders. It comes with unique design and it is well built. You are to likely fall in love with it the moment you see it.

It looks fantastic and it is fun to ride. To be sincere, if you purchase this board, you are certain of getting more than your money worth.

65mm Super High Rebound Urethane Wheels

One outstanding feature about Atom Pintail Longboard is the 65mm superbly high urethane wheels that it comes with. This is a very soft kind of wheel and can be ridden on roads that have cracks on them with a lot of ease.

You are guaranteed smooth ride even though the road you are riding on is rugged. You will not be annoyed or experience painful bumps along the way that may bring your ridding to a sudden stop.

Pocket Friendly Prices

This is a fact which can be confirmed from the Amazon and other reliable sites that are selling this board. You will see that most customers have commented positively to it, simply because of its great price which is a little bit lower than the benefits you will get from it.

Just like any other thing that is made by human beings, there must be pros and cons. This does not exclude the Atom Pintail Longboard. For that matter, the following are some of the pros and cons of this board:

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  • It has got a perfect design, this allow the riders to move comfortably while skating which makes the experience even more enjoyable
  • Its price is relatively low as compared to its benefits and comfort you get from it
  • The board has got a classy pintail shape that provides a solid platform for the purpose of cruising
  • Atom Pintail Longboard has got a responsive and extremely agile design that helps you to maneuver it sharply as you are cruising down the hill


  • When the wheels are rubbed against the longboard, it may come to an sudden stop. This might be problematic especially when you are turning hard. But this is something which is common with most longboards.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is this Longboard come Completely?

A: Yes board is complete. Just as picture shows

Q: Is it good for a nine year old as a Christmas gift?

A: It is fantastic for beginners especially for children

Q: Is it good for none beginners also?

A: Most definitely as it will hardly fall off.

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Final Verdict

To sum up everything about The Atom Pintail Longboard Review, this is a perfect board for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders. It has a unique design and well built.

One great thing about this board is that, its beauty can be felt from the first experience. In conclusion, if you would wish to have one today, you may order one today.

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