Best Longboards For Girls – Guide and Review

Attractive designs that will make you look stylish...

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Longboarding is a sport for everyone; boys and girls alike. Unfortunately, like many sport products, most longboard’s have been designed with boys in mind.

So what do you do in this situation? What happens if you are a girl who loves to longboard but you cannot find a board that is suited to you? Thankfully, longboard companies have come to see their error, and hence the increase in longboard’s designed with girls in mind.

Not only are the new boards high quality, they also have attractive designs that will make you look stylish as you shred the pavements. But with the steady increase in longboard’s found on the market, there are bound to be some bad apples that will ruin your longboarding experience.

The 5 Best Longboard’s for Girls

In order to prevent you from falling victim to subpar longboard’s, I have done extensive research and identified the best longboard’s for girls on the market.

The reviews you will read below will certainly help you when you go shopping for your new longboard. So sit back, and enjoy this great review.

1. Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard

Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard

Editor Rating:

Made in Mars has been making a big name for themselves in the longboarding world, by creating stunning and high performing boards for all genders. The Quest Tribes pin kick tail longboard is just another of their top innovations. The first thing you will notice about this board is its attractive graphics, which have undertones of Native American art.

Once you look past these breath taking graphics, you will find that the board performs like no other. This longboard is constructed with a 7 ply hardwood maple deck, which is strong, durable, and flexible.

This deck enhances stability as you ride, in addition to giving you the ability to ride at optimum levels in cold climates. The high quality 40 inch board also has durable 80A PU wheels, precise Abec 5 bearings, and lightweight 7 inch aluminum trucks, which work to ensure that you have smooth riding on all terrain in all conditions.

Made in Mars has also incorporated wheel wells into this longboard, so that you do not experience wheel bite when you are executing turns. You can therefore be sure that whether you are riding around campus or traveling around town, your longboarding experience will be top notch.

Features at a Glance

  • Cold Climate
  • Rugged & Lightweight
  • ABEC 5 Bearings

2. Quest Native Spirit Longboard

Quest Native Spirit Longboard

Editor Rating:

The Quest Native Spirit Longboard is similar to the Quest Tribes reviewed above, starting with its head turning graphics. This longboard actually embodies the beauty of the Aztecs, and the Original art that covers the underside of the board will prove it.

The 40 inch Quest Native is undoubtedly a high quality board designed with professional riders in mind, and you can see this by its 7-ply all hardwood maple deck which gives you ample foot space and stability as you ride.

The board is also outfitted with a wide kick tail, which works to ensure that you can performvert skateboarding and other tricks. The board also has durable wheels and rugged aluminum reverse kingpin trucks, which guarantee smooth riding and seamless turns for a long time to come.

When you also factor in the Abec 7 bearings, you have a longboard that can take you across town and even into the country with ease. If you are looking for a companion for your adventures and explorations, this stylish and efficient board should be your first choice.

Features at a Glance

  • Rugged & Lightweight
  • Smooth Riding
  • ABEC7 Bearings

3. Disney Fairies 31 inch Kids Complete Longboard

Disney Fairies 31 inch Kids Complete Longboard

Editor Rating:

The 31 inch kids complete longboard from Disney Fairies is the perfect board for girls, offering efficient components wrapped in an attractive package. This longboard comes with a 31 inch by 8 inch deck, which has rounded edges and a kicktail for aerodynamics as you cruise the streets.

The top and bottom of the longboard are covered with full color graphics of your favorite Disney fairy, meaning that you will look absolutely cool as you ride your board. Additionally, the deck of the longboard has been topped with sand spray grip, which provides optimum traction without covering up the attractive graphics.

The longboard also guarantees smooth riding via is composite trucks with carbon steel axles, as well as its PVC wheels with 608zb bearings. You are therefore assured of an enjoyable ride when you have the Disney Fairies longboard.

Features at a Glance

  • Kids longboard
  • Clear sand spray grip tape
  • Full color bottom graphic

4. Pink Drop Down Complete Longboard

Pink Drop Down Complete Longboard

Editor Rating:

The first thing you will notice about This Drop Down Complete Longboard is its bright pink design, which will definitely catch anyone’s eye from far away. However, the board is not only great to look at, it rides exceptionally well.

This Pink Drop Down is constructed with a 40 inch by 8 inch deck, which provides a great amount of foot space so that you can feel confident and secure as you ride down the street. Additionally, the longboard makes use of 180mm trucks and 80A wheels, which provide a smooth and stable ride even on uneven surfaces.

Lastly, the longboard is composed of precise Abec 7 bearings for easy maneuvering, and black grip tape for optimum traction in all weather conditions. What more can you ask for?

Features at a Glance

  • Longboard Deck
  • Big Longboard Wheels
  • Ready to Ride

5. Hot Pink Complete Pintail Longboard

Hot Pink Complete Pintail Longboard

Editor Rating:

Similar to the longboard described above, this longboard has a hot pink color scheme that will turn heads. However, that is where the similarity stops. This Hot Pink Complete Longboard is a pintail, as opposed to the drop down board described above. So what does that mean for you?

Well, the tear drop shaped design of the board makes it simpler for you to maneuver the board, in addition to improving your carving abilities. This 43 inch board also has smooth 70mm wheels that have been designed in a way that reduces wheel bite, so that you can have a smooth and fun ride every time you get on your longboard.

All in all, this Hot Pink Complete Pintail is the perfect longboard for smooth riding on different surfaces.

Features at a Glance

  • Pink Longboard Deck
  • Silver Trukcs
  • Abec 5 bearing
  • Ready to Ride!

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are great longboard options for girls who love to participate in the sport. These 5 longboard’s not only look good, they also perform exceptionally well so that you can have a great time commuting around campus or exploring your city.

So if you have been searching for a longboard that can meet your needs and skill level, then choose from one of the longboard’s above.


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Jen - January 3, 2016

The trucks are plastic and the board was a little warped, it’s still fun for a kid though.


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