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Less is beauty, less is power! Great mini longboard feature with list here...

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Less is beauty, less is power! As you may already know, mini versions of any product are always great. When you decide to make a popular product compact, you are simply taking all the great features that everyone loves and making them more convenient.

This logic is the same when it comes to mini longboard’s, where you have all the goodness of a standard sized longboard in a small package. So why would you buy a mini longboard instead of a standard longboard?

The answer is simple; maneuverability! Some beginner riders may find it difficult to control a longboard due to its long deck, but this problem is eliminated with a mini longboard. And let’s not forget, mini longboard’s are the best option for all those who want to transition to a skateboard with ease. A mini longboard therefore establishes itself as the perfect board for simplicity and versatility in longboarding.

Best 5 Mini Longboard Reviews

If your interest has been piqued, then the mini longboard review below will certainly help you when you go board shopping. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this informative review that I have prepared for you.

1. Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 Powerply Complete Skateboard

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 Powerply Complete Skateboard

Editor Rating:

The Skate Land Shark Sk8 Complete from Santa Cruz is an attractive and high-performing mini option for those who love longboarding. This board measures 27.7 inches by 8.8 inches, however, it can go head to head with the best standard sized boards.

The concave deck of the board is 7-ply which provides a sturdy feel, but it makes room for some flex so that you can have optimum stability when going over uneven terrain.

This deck shape and construction also gives the board versatile abilities, meaning that you can use the Santa Cruz to execute tricks, bomb hills, and cruise city streets. This minimalist white and blue deck is then finished off with sand spray grip, for secure riding even in wet conditions.

The Land Shark Sk8 also has Bullet B137 trucks and Road Rider wheels for smooth rolling, and an underside with stunning shark graphics. This board is therefore the land equivalent of all the spectacular Santa Cruz surfboards found on the market.

Features at a Glance

  • Cruzer skateboard
  • Shark graphics
  • Blue and white trucks

2. Zycle Fix Mayhem Penny Style Skateboard

Zycle Fix Mayhem Penny Style Skateboard

Editor Rating:

The Zycle Fix Mayhem is definitely a board that you won’t forget. The first thing I need to mention is the fact that this board has a classic skateboard style, which is extremely refreshing to see.

However, the most remarkable feature of this penny style board is its plastic construction, which comes with its own share of amazing benefits. The Zycle Fix Mayhem has a 22 inch acrylic deck, which provides excellent grip in all weather conditions. This deck is also simple to clean and maintain, in addition to being extremely durable.

Furthermore, this lightweight acrylic deck allows for versatile longboard applications, such as cruising, tight turns, bombing hills, and stunts. To make it easier for you to shred the pavements, this old school skateboard also has Abec 7 bearings, 59mm wheels, and quality trucks, so that maneuverability and response are at optimum levels. This mini board is therefore perfect for all your needs.

Features at a Glance

  • Durable plastic
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Complete board

3. Yocaher New Complete Longboard Mini Cruiser

Yocaher New Complete Longboard Mini Cruiser

Editor Rating:

The Yocaher Complete board is perhaps one of the most popular longboard’s on the market. And behold its mini version- the Yocaher Mini Cruiser. This longboard measures in at 27 inches by 8 inches, which is much smaller than its standard sized sibling.

However, the deck of the mini cruiser still provides ample foot space, so that you can comfortably position yourself as you ride. The longboard deck is also stiff; however, there is slight flex for stable riding in rough conditions.

The performance of this longboard is also enhanced by the grip tape, which ensures that your feet are secure so that you do not fall. The board also has 62mm gel wheels for soft riding, and Abec 5 bearings for efficient performance at all times.

Features at a Glance

  • Gel Wheels
  • Abec 5 bearings
  • Grip Tape

4. Quest Fishtail Cruiser Board

Quest Fishtail Cruiser Board

Editor Rating:

Made in Mars has made it their mission to create products tailored to the man and woman living an active lifestyle. The Quest Fishtail Cruiser board is no different, giving you the chance to tackle the pavements, hills, and tracks that surround your home. So why this mini longboard is called the Quest Fishtail? The answer lies in its design!

Instead of a rounded out or squared off deck end, the attractive Quest board has a fish tail with a slight kick. The 27 inch deck also has a 7 ply hardwood maple deck construction, which allows for a stable ride on all terrain. You can therefore use this ‘Pocket Rocket’ to ride around campus, go the store, explore your town, and even commute.

The easy to store mini longboard also has sturdy 6 inch aluminum trucks and durable 70mm wheels, so that you can take on the toughest of tracks without any fear.

Features at a Glance

  • Cruiser Board
  • Maple deck
  • Fish Tail

5. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Editor Rating:

Just like the Zycle Fix Mayhem discussed above, The Skatro Mini Cruiser is a plastic board with a retro skateboard style. This board is exceptionally sexy, with a stunning design and vibrant colors that make it stand out from the other generic boards on the market.

When it comes to performance, you will be glad to know that every single component used in the construction of this mini board has been made by Skatro for quality assurance. The mini longboard also utilizes Skatroflexy technology, which ensures that you have the perfect flex when you ride so as to optimize your experience.

The amazing mini cruiser also has Abec 7 bearings , 3 inch aluminum trucks, and 59mm urethane wheels, which work in harmony to ensure that your ride is as smooth as ever. And due to its compact design, this longboard can be carried on planes, trains, and buses with ease.

Features at a Glance

  • Retro skateboard style
  • Stunning design
  • Skatroflexy technology

Final Verdict

I can confidently say that your search for a mini longboard is over- these great options above offer you spectacular performance at a reasonable price. It really is true that ‘good things come in small packages’.

So if you want to add a mini longboard to your arsenal, then select one of the boards detailed above. You will not be disappointed!!


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Jen - January 3, 2016

I got Quest Fishtail Cruiser for a several months. It works very well and makes really good turns and smooth to ride


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