Globe Geminon Drop Down Review

The Globe Geminon Drop Down longboard makes a long awaited entry back to the longboards sphere..

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The Globe Geminon Drop Down longboard makes a long awaited entry back to the longboards sphere. Available now in the newly modelled 41” version, the new Geminon has been designed specifically for downhill riding and free riding.

Built by Globe in an efficient way, each nut and bolt on the longboard is secured with a lot of care to make this one of the safest longboards around. Designed to flow with a super low deck, the Globe Geminon Drop Down Longboard is perfect for the lowriders looking for breaking out tricks while ensuring stability and great ease.

Globe Geminon Drop Down Features

The end result is a stable, comfortable, and stylish board that is fun to ride. To learn more about The Globe Geminon Drop Down, read the review below.

The Longboard Deck

Globe Geminon Drop DownThe deck is made from 9 plies of maple wood enforced together with carbon fibre base sheet that makes the Globe Geminon Drop Down longboard a solid choice for lowriders. The deck is shaped concave from side to side in order to perform tricks like shredding and side switching.

The deck can be seen to provide comfort along with ample place for feet placements and the presence of grip tapes to provide better grip, certainly making up for those features that make this longboard a need for all basic first timers.

Length of the Board, Wheelbase and Grip-tape

The length of the board is 41 inches and the width being 10 inches makes longboarding easy and breezy. The wheelbase is set at 33 inches and concaved wheel bases reduce the chances of wheel bites.

The top is lined with Globe black grip tape for stable riding. These grip tapes provide stability by letting the rider have a strong grip on the surface of the deck and not skidding off while riding.

Wheels and Trucks

The Globe Geminon Drop Down consists of Globe 72mm 78A wheels that provide great ease to the board. The truck is top mounted and slanting.

The trucks are slanting and inverted at 180 mm for long distance pushing. The board is constructed for low riding and careful construction has been done to make long distance low riding stylish and easier.

ABEC 7 Bearings and Philips Bolt Packs

ABEC 7 bearings are fitted by Globe to ensure good performance. Philips bolt packs have been used to provide sturdiness and safety.

On board are the 125” MudFlap shock absorbers that make riding smooth. These specifications clearly seem to be the perfect fit in order to make the entire ride a smooth and hassle free one.

Build on the Longboard and Stainless Steel Parts

Globe provides bearing spaces that is unique from any other longboard maker. Bearing spaces enable longevity for bearings and secure alignment that make Globe drop down longboard unique. The riser pad is made of urethane and this ensures high quality support.

Stainless steel parts are used to ensure high standards and seating grips made of nylon provide protection from early degradation of quality. In itself one can be rest assured of the fact that the item is very good which in itself allows the people to have full faith upon the item that they are purchasing.

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  • 9 ply maple deck reinforced with racing carbon fibre.
  • Set super low for easy shredding and long distance pushing.
  • Wheel cut outs help avoid wheel bites from occurring.
  • Bearing spacers and stainless steel parts make the longboard safe and reliable.
  • Urethane riser pads are of high quality shock resistant materials.
  • Dimensions of 41”x10” make the board perfect for downhill riding.


  • Not suitable for absolute beginners.
  • The bearings on board could be a bit better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are the parts manufactured by Globe or imported?

A: The parts are designed and manufactured by Globe itself ensuring highest standards.

Q: Is the deck flexible or stiff?

A: The deck is reinforced with carbon fibre and made stiff for easy shredding and pushing.

Q: Why would one need bearing spacers?

A: Bearing spacers help align the bearings on board to provide longevity.

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Final Verdict

The Globe Geminon Drop Down longboard is specially designed and developed for longboarders who are looking for low riding and free riding options. Globe has provided the best parts and materials to ensure this board does what it was meant for with the best of performance settings.

ABEC 7 bearings and shock absorbent MudFlap provided assure stability and concave build of deck ensures great low grip. In conclusion, the drop down is a great choice for longboarders wanting the next great thing in the longboarding arena.

If you have been on the lookout for something that will quality and a robust outlook to it, then certainly this is the right product that you have been searching for till now.

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