GLOBE HG Geminon Drop-Down Longboard Review

The Geminon Series from GLOBE is an amazing group of longboards that make you want to get off your couch and explore the world around you. This series of roadsters utilizes beautiful symmetrical designs, which make riding this longboard a dream. The HG Drop Down is an example of the innovation that is Geminon, and below we will see why.

The GLOBE HG Geminon is a drop down longboard which seeks to test all longboarding limits by offering top notch features not found anywhere else. The drop down construction of the board brings you closer to the ground, and this lower center of gravity allows for stability as you bomb steep hills with style.

GLOBE HG Geminon Longboard Features

The entire profile of the board seeks to break all boundaries, so that you can experience longboarding at its best. So if I have got you amped up for the HG Geminon, then read the extensive GLOBE HG Geminon Drop-Down Longboard Review below.

Quality Deck

The HG Geminon is made up of a 41-inch by 10-inch deck, which is composed of a drop-down design with a’ W’ concave look. This long and symmetrical deck is extremely popular, as it offers a better all-round riding experience. The slight concave slope brings the deck closer to the ground, which ensures that you experience maximum stability even at high speeds.

This concave-shaped deck provides pockets for your feet, which securely lock your feet into the deck so that you can carry out slides without worrying that you will fall off mid-way. The board also gives you the opportunity to ride switch without any hassle.

Furthermore, the deck is made using 9-ply maple wood, as well as a Blue Diamond bottom sheet for additional stiffness. All in all, the solid maple construction of the deck promotes stability and durability. However, the maple deck provides just enough flex for a responsive ride, which will keep you carving and cruising mile after mile.

Top Notch Trucks

When it comes to the trucks of an affordable longboard, you are more likely to come across standard kingpin trucks. While these are good, they come nowhere close to reverse kingpin trucks. Luckily for you, the HG Geminon trucks are 180mm Slant reverse kingpin.

The trucks on the Geminon are highly desirable, as they allow for superior maneuverability as you move from side to side. These trucks are excellent when you are looking for stability and control in your board, as well as a smooth roll for easy carving at high speeds.

The top notch alloy trucks are also solid and durable, ensuring that they will perform well for years to come. The reversible hangers of the trucks also allow you to choose between a 50 and 54 degree angle, so that you can optimize the board for stability at quick speeds or stability with tight turns.

Smooth Riding

The HG Geminon is also notable for its smooth riding, which is extremely appealing to beginner and intermediate riders. The board achieves smooth riding via 72mm wheels with 78A hardness, and abec 7 bearings.

The wheels are soft, and this allows them to absorb shock and vibration from the road so that you can have a smooth and stable ride. Additionally, the abec 7 bearings of the longboard are exceptionally precise, meaning that they can tolerate the heat caused by friction for better performance. These bearings will therefore turn smoothly even after you have been on your board for hours on end.

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  • No wheel bite
  • Beautiful design
  • Rides close to the ground for better stability
  • Has reverse kingpin trucks
  • Wheels are soft
  • Board has great flex, making it good for rough terrain
  • Highly responsive
  • Fast
  • Allows for great riding right out of the box
  • Slight wobble at high speeds
  • Might need to change the bearings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the Globe HG Geminon longboard have grip tape?

A: Yes. The Globe HG longboard has black grip tape, which is of high quality. This grip tape enhances your safety as you ride, as your feet are kept fully secure on the board throughout. You can therefore perform slides without fear of falling off your longboard.

Q: Can you add risers to the board?

A: Yes. You can add risers to this board, however, there is no point in doing this as the design of the board prevents wheel bite.

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Final Verdict

The HG Geminon is perfect for downhill riding and carving, as it offers unrivaled stability through its symmetrical deck and top notch trucks. This versatile board can also be used for free riding, and longboard tricks.



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