Quest Fishtail Cruiser Board Review

Different companies around the world have been working their best to ensure that they make skating boards that are light, easier to use, durable and more over fit well in the sports lifestyle.

Mars is one of the companies that offer some of the traditional brands, skateboards, surf and the snowboards. They use the best components, fresh arts, and new technology with aim of producing the best brands that are of high quality.

Quest Fishtail Cruiser Skateboard Features

Quest fishtail cruiser skateboard in one of the products from the board sport company. The 27-inch cruiser is a pocket rocket very convenient for getting to the store, recreation, around town or public transit, especially for campus students.

Below of the features of Quest Fishtail Cruiser Skateboard with our verdict.

High-Performing  Deck

Every skater dream is to have a deck that will be faster, carve harder, or jump higher. The performance will, however, largely depend on the type of material chosen.

The cruiser board consists of a 7 ply all condition hardwood marple deck. The deck dominates the market. They are very durable, lightweight, and flexible. The wide deck also provides a good base for stability while riding.

Durable Wheel

The wheels consist of durable 70 x 51 mm 80A PU four wheels, that are coupled with a traditional pin tail; this helps to build extra durability over long distances and provide reliable stable strides for fun and adventure.

It also has wheel walls to prevent wheel bite when making sharp turns.

ABEC 5 Bearings

The Quest cruiser board contains the ABEC 5 bearings with hollow 4 mm riser that is good in precision, and ensuring a smooth ride. The ABEC 5 bearings performance has left most of the users with lots of many positive comments.


Truck selection is very important because they are the ones that will aid in turning as well as making sure that the wheels are anchored to the board.The quest boards are made of aluminum trucks.

Beautiful Graphics

It has a colorful and beautiful design of the deck that comes in many colors black, white, or purple. This brings a lot of attractions as it turns onlookers.

The hardwood marple deck provides long-lasting productivity as well as giving protection from rough weather, water, rust, and corrosion.

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  • Very Affordable
  • Great durability
  • Small in size
  • Great wheels that prevent the board from wheel bites
  • The ABEC 5 bearing are fantastic that ensure a smooth ride as well as very amusing speed
  • The wide deck provides great stability and maneuverability to the cruiser board.
  • Come fully assembled
  • Not recommended for children under the age of 13 years
  • The grip tapes on the edges of the cruiser may not always deem parallel
  • They have weight limitation the maximum weight being 260 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.What kinds of wheels are recommended for somebody that does not like bumpy roads?

A.Trying the use of softer wheels as the ones of 75a to 80a durometer wheel. Increasing the size of the wheel helps in absorbing the hit.

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Final Verdict

The cruiser boards are good, stable, comfortable and affordable. They turn well, and the bearings are amazing. Their size makes it more popular; they can easily fit in the backpack or in a locker.



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