Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Review

The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Quality Longboard Review...

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Have you sprained your ankle when cruising on longboards more times than you’d care to admit?

Do you yearn for a longboard that is smooth, easy to control and does not dislodge you or make you look like a clumsy rider?

Folks, you don’t have to be saddled with low quality longboards that promise the moon but fail to deliver! Instead, what you want is The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard. This is a cruiser that is not only easy to maneuver, but also has a unique elegant style and state-of-the-art components.

Its graceful light build makes it suitable for beginner skaters and pros alike. Unlike the rest, when you get yourself the Quest Super Cruiser, you get your money’s worth.

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Features

This bad boy has a number of all rounded features that makes cruising on it effortlessly graceful.

Multi-Ply Hardwood Maple Artisan Bamboo Deck

Buy Quest Super Cruiser LongboardAh! The pride of the longboard! Considered the most important feature of the longboard, the deck should encompass the needs of all skaters regardless of their experience or size. That being said, the hardwood maple that makes up the deck makes it light weight.

This in turn, makes it conveniently portable without weighing you down. Additionally, it makes the deck robust such that it is difficult to crack. So, short of rigging explosives to it, this deck is a sturdy piece that holds you without trembling like a weak plank of wood.

44-Inch Artisan Bamboo Longboard

In longboard 101, versatility is key. Quest enforces this with its long artisan bamboo. This makes it ideal for different foot sizes and weights.

Compared to other longboards, the Quest Super Cruiser’s 44 Inches worth of longboard ensures enough space for you to maneuver while on the board. To cap it all, the longboard’s design is also compact enough, taking up little storage space.

Rugged 7-Inch Aluminium Trucks

 Quest Super Cruiser LongboardWhat makes a cruising experience spectacular? Well, apart from the board’s surface, its wheels and trucks should make for a stable smooth ride. Quest Super Cruiser has large strong trucks that connects the wheels to the board.

This helps avoid wheel bite. In skateboarding, wheel bite happens when you land on one extreme side, such that the wheels touch the deck stopping the board and dislodging you. Quest avoids this using its hollow riser pads fitted between the trucks and wheels. These not only prevent wheel bite, but also ensure a safe and smooth downhill glide.

Moreover, the high quality trucks enhance the longboard’s stability. The trucks can also withstand a lot of force, and weight without the inconvenience of breaking down or bending while in use. This makes the Quest Super Cruiser longboard ideal for anyone regardless of weight, height or strength.

Durable 70mm PU Wheels

The wheels of the Quest Super Cruiser make for a very smooth ride. In addition, they experience little sign of wear even with falls. This makes it easy to get better cruising distances, and simpler turning around bends or corners.

Despite being exposed to extreme heat conditions and sunshine, the material that makes up these wheels protects it from damage increasing their durability.

Kick Tail

Would you want to amaze with tricks without getting hurt? As much as cruising along the streets makes for great experience, doing awesome tricks for fun and to show off a little, makes for an even better experience.

The Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard has a kicktail that enables smooth turning, and tricks. This makes it superbly easy to ride through a crowd.

Spectacular Design

What makes a longboard stand out is its design. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard has a spectacular design. It is stylish without being tacky. And it’s classy elegance and all natural beauty of the artisan designs, turns heads giving your personality and ego a boost.

The design also incorporates the coolest original graphics, art and innovative technology,making it unique.

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  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Easy to clean
  • Due to the quality materials used in its making, this longboard is durable
  • Suitable for both pro skaters and amateurs


  • Some riders experience flexibility problems due to the robust nature of the deck
  • Despite its positive reception, first time users indicate it has a limited turning radius

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What upgrade would be great for the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard?

A: A bearings upgrade changes the feel of the board and gives it a faster cruise

Q: Is it a complete/assembled board?

A: The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard is delivered already assembled and works perfectly thereafter.

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Final Verdict

When looking for a longboard that is best suited for cruising, boardwalking, carving and commuting. Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard is without doubt, the best in its price range.

It is particularly great for beginner, and intermediate riders who prefer speed, stability and ease of use. Stylish design, durability and great pricing makes it a worthy buy.

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