Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard Review

The Sector 9 83 is a revised mini version of the classic Fundamental Series..

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Among the range of classic boards, this mini-shaped edition seems to be a fantasy for all of the skate boarders that look forward to cruising along the streets in style. The Sector 9 83 is a revised mini version of the classic Fundamental Series.

As mentioned earlier the board is a mini version and it would be a wise step if the person is not deceived by the looks of the apprentice. It is high to keep in mind that often the biggest of surprises come in small packages.

Sector 9 83 Complete Skateboard Features

There is no doubt that the Sector 9 83 skateboard is elegant and serene in terms of the design and durability much to the reminiscence of its name as a classic and funky model.

Classic Directional Shape of the Cruiser

Sector 9 83' Complete SkateboardThe classic Sector 9 83 cruiser is a one-stop choice for all of the people that seem to have an endless fascination towards the relics of a vintage touch accompanied with the classic ethnicity.

This skateboard comes in packed with a directional cruiser shape and an aerodynamic design which helps it to secure uninterrupted movements during the course of riding. This classic shape is the main factor behind an intensely smooth ride.

Along with a wheelbase of 14.5 inches, the stability and the balance during any ride seems to be impeccable.

Structural Built and Quality of the Longboard

The construction of the Sector 9 83 has been centered around the basis of 7-ply cold-pressed inline maple construction. In other words the board can be said to be a derivative of top quality premium maple wood which provides the much needed durability and structural integrity to the entire product.

27.75 x 2.25 inches of the deck surface area provides excellent surface area for the rider in order to be able to place himself/herself on the longboard. This can thus be called as a board that redefines the limits of comfort and architecture.

Fully Dipped Black Deck and a Concave Curvature

Sector 9 83' Complete SkateboardThe deck of this complete skateboard can be referred to as a black deck which is fully dipped. The finish on the deck makes the entire skateboard seemingly simple and worth catching the attention of any skateboarder.

The light concave curvature helps in terms of a better drifting finish and the advanced broad wheelbase of 14.5 inches helps provide stability and maintain balance during banking around the corners.

Wheels and Wheelbase

The 59mm 78a offset Nineball wheels with a wheelbase of 14.5 inches provide the initial support to the entire frame and gives a perfect balance experience to the person using the device for the purpose of skateboarding.

In all one can say that the specifications accompanied by the structural integrity albeit some premium tuning is indeed a treat to any person that has an unlimited craze towards skateboarding.

7 Inch Gullwing Mission 1 Trucks

The skateboard comes in with 7 inch Gullwing Mission 1 Trucks. These trucks with a circumference of 7 inches provide rigidity and support to the entire structure making the cruiser account for its high durability.

The quality of the trucks are extremely good and as a result the person can be assured of the fact that they will be making a good choice while going for sector 983  longboard. It is well suited for beginners as well as pro-level skateboarders.

Maneuverability and Supreme Control

These wheels have been incorporated with PDP bearings and also provide the right amount of friction control which makes the entire ordeal of gripping seem to be like a piece of cake. These bearings along with a cruiser deck size of around 27.75 x 7.25 inches houses in a perfect shape to acquire comfort with the foot placement making sure that the person can stand in a proper posture.

The 14.5 inches of wheel-base makes banking around the corners easier by providing a better grip on the surface and intensified balance while on the wheels. This mini cruiser comes in with a kick tail feature which accounts for added maneuverability.

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  • Elegant and cool looks surpassing the needs of the youth in hand
  • Extensively smooth ride with better control owing to wider wheelbase.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Additional benefits of the “kick tail feature”.
  • Smooth handling and durable Maplewood construction.
  • Lightly concave curvature for better drifting controls.


  • The trucks may need adjustment owing to the fact that the pre-customization is not up to the mark.
  • A persistent “squeaky” sound can be heard owing to the loose adjustment of the trucks.
  • The paint-job seems to be a bit off the charts.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the item durable?

A: Yes, the Maplewood structure makes it extremely durable.

Q: Is this item easy to use?

A: Yes the item is easy to use, but it would need beginners a bit of time before getting fully acquainted with the skateboard.

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Final Verdict

On the final note one can say that the item Sector 9 83 cruiser will be a perfect fit for all of the individuals that have been looking forward to a skateboard which will provide them with added benefits and a sleek and cozy design as well.

The easy to use skateboard comes in packed with loads of features and thus can be referred to as the perfect asset for any person that is looking for quality along with a pocket-friendly price tag.

No doubt that the extensive features along with a small price tag is ought to make you smile and once you have taken a look at this longboard, consider it to be a value for money deal as well.

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