Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Longboard Review


The amazing Sector 9 Sidewinder series has done it again, this time giving us the Aperture longboard. For those who might not be familiar with Sector 9 boards, they are simply the highest quality longboards you can find on the market.

Sector 9 boards embody top notch performance, using quality components and aerodynamic designs that allow you to ride fast and ride smooth. The Aperture is a great example of what the brand has to offer, as it is composed of wellcrafted features that will serve beginner and intermediate riders alike.

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard Features

This 36 inch longboard is definitely a board you need to know about, and that is why below we will learn all there is to learn about The Sector 9 Aperture.

Easy Carving

The Sector 9 Aperture is only 36 inches in length, and this makes it extremely easy to carve, even for beginners. The board is composed of a deck that has a mild concave design, which makes it simpler for you to bounce into, out of, and around carves.

Furthermore, the flex of the deck gives you the ability to carve without restriction, while the trucks ensure that you are stable even when you are carving at high speeds. This board is therefore an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate riders who want to learn how to carve, as well as those who are interested in transitioning to a skateboard.

Smooth Cruising

Another great feature of the Sector 9 Aperture is its ability to cruise smoothly. After all, no one wants to wobble along straight roads. The reason for this smooth cruising is the rigid deck which is extremely stable, but which also has a little flex so that shocks and bumps can be absorbed.

Additionally, the wheels of the longboard are soft, and this allows for a smooth ride without undue stress on your ankles or knees. Additionally, the abec 5 bearings of the longboard allow for a smooth ride, while also ensuring that you can pick up speed quickly while going downhill.

Last but not least, the cut outs in the board prevent wheel bite from occurring, ensuring that you can maintain a smooth ride at all speeds.

Accommodates Beginner Riders

As I mentioned above, The Sector 9 Aperture is designed for beginner and intermediate riders. The entire construction and design of the board allows for easy freeriding and cruising, so that those new to longboarding will have no trouble at all.

Additionally, the board is highly maneuverable, and can be easily controlled by the rider even at high speeds.

High Quality Deck

The board measures 36 inches by 9 inches, and utilizes a drop through deck design. The deck itself is constructed out of plywood maple, which is exceptionally strong and stable. This plywood construction also allows for flex, while ensuring that heavy weights can be supported without damage to the board.

Furthermore, the 9-inch standing platform of the board provides sufficient room for secure feet placement, and this also promotes easy carving.

Excellent Trucks

One of the best features of the Sector 9 Aperture is its Gullwing Sidewinder trucks, which have a double-pivot quality. These amazing trucks are unlike the single-pivot trucks found on other longboards in this price range, as they offer quicker speeds.

With these trucks you can be sure to cruise faster than you ever have before, using only a little momentum.

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  • Impressive maneuverability
  • Smooth ride even over rough terrain
  • High quality components
  • Beautiful aesthetics, sleek design
  • Extremely stable
  • Very fast
  • Board is strong and flexible
  • Easy to control
  • Minimal friction between the wheels and deck
  • Has small wheels
  • High speed may be dangerous for beginners
  • Can only support up to 185lbs in weight

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Would this be a good board to transition into carving?

A: Yes, the Sector 9 Aperture carves amazingly. In fact, the double trucks allow you to ride a complete circle in less than 4 feet. This is therefore a great transition board.

Q:  What wheels does this longboard have?

A: The Sector 9 Aperture has 69mm nineball wheels, with 80A hardness. These wheels are smooth, and will provide great rolling.

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Final Verdict

The Sector 9 Aperture longboard is without a doubt an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate riders looking to freeride and cruise. Despite the fact that this board offers high speeds that may not be suitable for beginners, its maneuverability makes it a great option for those with wild and adventurous spirits.



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