Sector 9 Lookout Complete Review

Sector 9 Lookout is suitable for any level of experience and any rider...

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Are you looking for a gift? A new hobbie? A form of transport? Then look no further! This is the Sector 9 Lookout. The Lookout is a high quality longboard which is fit for many purposes. It is made by a well-known brand who often exceed expectations.

This board is suitable for any level of experience and any rider. It is perfect for someone who has never picked up a longboard or who lives on one. Do not miss out on this fantastic product that is becoming more and more popular!

Sector 9 Lookout Complete Features

Read the extensive Sector 9 Lookout Complete Review below.

Smooth Riding Bearings

Sector 9 Lookout LongboardWhen riding the awesome Sector 9 Lookout you will not be disappointed with the smoothness of the ride. The bearings provide a stable and smooth ride which makes cruises as comfortable as possible.

Do not worry about replacing them any time soon. These bearings last longer than standard bearings found on other longboards on the market, so you can put you toolkit away!

Stable and Responsive Wheels

This longboard boasts 74mm wheels which gives the board more height that other boards. It also had a huge 31.5” wheel base which adds even more stability. This high stability also means that you can get to learning tricks ASAP!The material inside the wheels are of medium hardness which enables the trucks to respond quickly in fast steering situations but also be able to to stay straight when going downhill.

Large Board Size

The board is a large 42 inches long and 9.6 inches wide which provides a large space for standing. This means it can accommodate people off a variety of sizes.

The large board also means you can go around corners more safely as move of the foot is on the grip tape. This is therefore perfect for beginners that want to practise turning corners at high speed for indoor and outdoors.

Full Grip Tape

The Sector 9 Lookout has grip tape which covers the whole board which is unusual on longboards. This adds extra grip and extra safety when riding as you are less likely to slip off.

The grip is also translucent which maintains the traditional bamboo look. This means you can have a modern feature while also enjoying the fantastic raw and traditional look.

Flexible and Strong Material

This board is made from a higher quality wood than most longboards on the market. This wood ensures high flexibility which means preforming tricks cannot be any easier.Additionally, this wood is extremely strong and therefore suitable for full grown men. It is also less likely to snap during tricks due to the flexible nature of the material. It is therefore perfect for those beginner mistakes!

Surreal Design

The board has a radical surf theme which is the design of the graphic. It also has a bamboo look which gives it that more traditional and raw look to bring you back to the real surfer roots.

The wheels are white which complements the rest of the board perfectly. This board looks fantastic and clearly stands out from other boards on the market. Ride in style with the Sector 9 Lookout.

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  • Fantastic value for money as the build quality and features of this board are often not found in ones much more expensive.
  • High amounts of grip tape enabling a safer and easier ride.
  • Perfect for all levels of experience which means you can continue using the board as you progress in skill level.


  • The deck has been known to split and scuff easily after time.
  • The bearings may not be suitable for extremely experienced riders who want high amounts of speed.
  • The board can be difficult to clean as the whole of one side is covered in grip tape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.Is this board only for experienced long boarders or is it suitable for a beginner?

A.This board is suitable for any skill level. Many customers have commented how this board was perfect for beginning while also experienced customers have said how appropriate it was for them too.

Q.Will this board be okay for someone who is 200 lbs?

A.Yes! This board is suitable for that weight. The strength and size of the board makes it suitable for taller and heavier people.

Q.Does it come assembled?

A.Yes! Take it out the box and you can ride it straight away. No need to mess around with screws and bolts.

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Final Verdict

Overall, it seems that this Sector 9 board is perfect for any experience level, any function and any rider! This would be a great gift or a great for someone who wants to get into long boarding.

With the range of fantastic features and the high quality that is expected from such a fantastic brand, you will not be disappointed. Buy this product today and start your journey to becoming part of the skater community!

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