YOCAHER Drop Through Complete Longboard Review

The YOCAHER Drop Through longboard is a board that embodies speed and stability,,,

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Longboarding is a sport that has gripped the nation, giving people of all ages the chance to explore their creative and energetic self. With the increase in popularity of this sport, many sports companies have begun to sell longboard’s in all shapes and sizes. One of these longboards is the YOCAHER Drop Through.

The YOCAHER Drop Through longboard is a board that embodies speed and stability, making it the ultimate longboard for down hill riding, cruising, sliding, and carving. This Professional Speed board is made up of high-performing features and components, which allow you to have a riding experience like no other.

YOCAHER Drop Through Complete Longboard Features

So if you are interested in a longboard that accompanies you on your wild adventures, then read the in-depth review below.

Fantastic Drop Through Design

YOCAHER Drop Through Complete Longboard ReviewAs you can see from the name of the board, the YOCAHER longboard is composed of a drop through design, constructed out of rigid 9-ply Canadian Maple. This beautifully crafted board can be described as a masterpiece, thanks to the numerous benefits it gives the rider of the board.

The thick Maple deck reduces flex, ensuring that shock is absorbed when traveling over uneven surfaces. Additionally, the drop through design gives the longboard a lower center of gravity, which minimizes the chance of you falling off as you travel at 35 miles an hour.

Therefore, the solid Canadian Maple and the drop through design work to provide optimum stability to the rider, so that you feel secure as you ride at top speeds. This Maple and drop through combination also makes pushing and sliding easier.

Cut-out design

Another great feature of the YOCAHER Drop Through longboard is its cut-out design, which provides better wheel clearance than most boards on the market. Wheel bite will occur when the deck of your board meets the wheels, and this will result in scratching on your board.

Because of the wheel clearance of the YOCAHER board, wheel bite is prevented, and this ensures that the lifespan of your board is extended.

This design also gives the board bi-directional properties, which makes the Drop through much easier to use and control as you cruise. Bi-direction means that you have the ability to ride the board in a regular or switch manner, depending on your preference.

Concave Drop Through

YOCAHER Drop Through Complete Longboard ReviewAnother amazing aspect of YOCAHER Longboard is its curvature, which simply refers to the curve that spans the width of the deck. This curvature (concave) design helps you lock your feet into a secure position, so that you can have maximum control over the board as you ride.

The curvature also affects the manner in which your board responds to the force of your feet as you ride, therefore providing additional control and stability for you.

Versatile Use

Last but not least, the YOCAHER Drop Through can be used for a variety of riding applications, making it one of the most versatile longboard’s out there. The stiff deck, wide, sharp lipped and hard wheels, and lightweight nature of this board makes it suitable for speeding, turning, and longboard tricks.

You can therefore use this board for down hill riding, sliding, carving, cruising, and commuting.

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  • Versatile riding applications
  • Great drop through design
  • Quick speeds
  • Easy to turn
  • Fantastic maneuverability
  • Stable riding
  • Board is bi-directional
  • Durable
  • Simple to use
  • Generous standing space
  • Multiple graphics to choose from
  • Can accommodate up to 320 lbs


  • Bearings might need to be replaced
  • No hardwood veneer on the maple deck
  • You might need to adjust the trucks for better turning

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the specifications of the YOCAHER Drop Through Complete?

A: The Drop Through Complete longboard measures 40 inches by 10 inches, and weighs 11 pounds.

Additionally, this board has Q-Ball wheels that measure 70mm by 52mm, with 78A hardness.

Q: What graphics can you choose from, when buying the YOCAHER longboard?

A: This longboard has 16 graphics to choose from, including: black, blue, dice, getaway, green, MixItUp, natural, purple, Rasta, Rasta 2, red, shades, skull, smite, tsunami, and wave.

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Final Verdict

As you can see, the YOCAHER Drop through offers excellent performance for downhill riding and cruising, making it one of the most impressive longboard’s in its price range.

So if you are looking for quick speeds and optimum stability, then this Professional Speed board is right for you.

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