Yocaher Professional Speed Complete Longboard Review

Yocaher Professional promising better comfort and faster speed than the last...

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Longboarding is a constantly changing sport, and it is therefore no surprise that longboard construction is ever evolving. Just go out to a sports shop today and look at all the cuts, shapes, and colors available to riders, each one promising better comfort and faster speed than the last. With such unlimited freedom when it comes to choosing a longboard, how exactly do you make your final selection?

Yocaher, is a brand that has dedicated itself to designing the best longboards, so that your selection can be easier. The longboards they create are meant for avid longboard riders, and budding enthusiasts looking for a great time.

Yocaher Professional Speed Longboard Features

One of their most popular creations is the Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard, which combines speed and comfort, for a smooth and fun ride. This board which we will review below is perfect for cruising, downhill riding, and free riding, among others.

So sit back, and enjoy this informative review.

Great Value For Money

Yocaher Professional Speed Complete LongboardWhen you buy a longboard, you expect to get value for money. However, this expectation is not usually high when you buy a longboard for under $$$. Well, I have news for you.

The Drop Down longboard is exceptionally affordable, yet it offers more versatility and better performance than almost all of its peers. This means that your investment will pay back tenfold, for years to come.

Easy Riding

Though the Drop Down longboard is a professional board, it has also been designed to accommodate the needs of beginner and intermediate riders. The low deck of the board gives beginners the stability they need, while ensuring that they can travel at fast speeds.

Furthermore, the Yocaher Drop Down board is bi-directional, allowing you to switch directions without turning the board all the way around. This board is therefore very easy and fun to ride.

Fast Speed

As I mentioned briefly above, The Drop Down longboard has been designed with speed in mind. This Yocaher creation has an extra thick deck, which reduces the flex of the board.

This sturdy deck is excellent when riding downhill, as it allows the rider to attain maximum speeds (up to 35 miles an hour), without sacrificing on safety. This Professional Speed board is therefore the perfect choice of speed lovers.

Great Stability

Yocaher Professional Speed Complete LongboardThe stability on the Drop Down board is particularly impressive, and it comes about due to the design of the board. This lightweight board measures 41.2 inches by 9 inches by 5 inches, and features a drop down design which ensures that the deck of the board is closer to the ground.

Furthermore, this low deck is made of sturdy 9-ply Canadian Maple, which enhances your stability as you cruise at all speeds. The low center of gravity also makes it easier for you to hang on to the board, dramatically reducing your chance of falling off.

Top Wheel Design

The Q-ball wheels on the Yocaher Drop Down are well designed, with 70 by 52 mm dimensions and a hardness level of 78A. The wheel design is also composed of heavy duty HD 7 trucks, a 180 mm hanger, a 33 inch wheel base, and abec 7 chrome bearings.

All of these features improve the performance of the wheels. Additionally, the positioning of the wheels reduces wheel bite, which in turn reduces the frequency of scratches found on the underside of your board. This also improves the durability of your longboard.

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  • High stability
  • Low cost
  • Smooth ride
  • Good aesthetics; available in 22 different colors and styles
  • Good turning radius
  • Grip tape holds up well
  • Easy to ride
  • Fast ride
  • Comes pre assembled
  • Deck design allows maximum wheel clearance


  • Bearing are stiff, and you might need to change them

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Is there grip on the front of the longboard?

A: Yes. The Drop Down longboard has Black Widow 80A Grip tape, which is of premium quality. This strong and black grip tape will remain on the board even after constant heavy duty use, without peeling off.

Q: What are the best uses for this longboard?

A: The Yocaher Drop Down longboard is best for sliding, cruising, slalom racing, downhill racing, and basic transportation.

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Final Verdict

If you love longboarding, but do not have the right equipment for a great ride, then I would definitely recommend the Drop Down longboard. This versatile, smooth, stable, and fast board will give you the best experience for an affordable price, proving that you can have fun while on a budget.

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